Fundraising training for heritage organisations funded by HLF, and run by WCVA in partnership with CyMAL and the Funding Centre.

Catalyst Cymru

Catalyst Cymru - Heritage Fundraising provides learning and development opportunities for staff and volunteers in heritage organisations in Wales.  These learning interventions are designed to upskill and increase the confidence, competency and effectiveness in fundraising of staff and volunteers, so that they can increase their organisations' funding from private donors, corporate sources and trusts and foundations.

Recognising that people learn in different ways, Catalyst Cymru provides a diverse range of learning opportunities for staff and volunteers of all skills experience, expertise and knowledge. The learning opportunities in the second year include:

  • Training courses
  • Workshops 
  • Networking events
  • Action learning sets
  • Executive coaching 
  • Organisation visits
  • Online learning resources-WCVA's Learning Zone

Catalyst Cymru also offer delegates telephone and email access to our expert trainers following attendance at events.


Catalyst Cymru's training runs at locations throughout Wales, so you will always be able to find something suitable close to you. The training is for participants of all skills, experience and knowledge.

Our training incorporates a mix of presentations, case studies, practical group work and discussion.

The programme is supported by WCVA's Learning Zone, an exciting online learning resource available to heritage organisations in Wales. 

Learners will be able to access resources prior to training and after attending an event.

Specific resources can also be made available to those learners unable to attend the face-to-face sessions, who still want to find out more about sustainable funding. 

Please see below for details of upcoming courses. To book a place complete and return an application form to or contact Helpdesk on 0800 2888 329

Fees are £20 per person for 1 day courses £10 per person for ½ day courses. Our networking, action learning sets and organisation visits are FREE  

Developing a fundraising strategy
27 September 2017

Introduction to storytelling for fundraisers
21 September 2017
5 October 2017

Fundraising camps
8 November 2017
14 November 2017

Fundraising compliance for the charity sector
9 November 2017
16 November 2017

Building your fundraising team
22 November 2017
29 November 2017

Fundraising from trusts and foundations (Intermediate) 
7 December 2017

Resilience for fundraisers
25 January 2018
31 January 2018

Fundraising from major donors
7 February 2018


Webinars: 2pm - 3pm

Powerful projects 13 September 2017
What really appeals to funders? When applications for funding are so competitive, only projects that really make a difference are going to win support. If you are thinking of putting together a project for funding, then this is for you. We'll take you through the key ingredients for making your project funding applications really stand out to funders. Are your key management systems in place? Are you providing the right financial information? Do you really understand the difference your project will make and can you prove it? Book on to this webinar to find out!

Demonstrating a need -  13 November 2017
Many funders want clear evidence that your projects are what your beneficiaries really want. What's the best evidence to demonstrate your need for support? In this webinar, we'll show you the best way to build that evidence so that you have greatest chance success with your fundraising efforts.

Case for support -  4 December 2017
As heritage organisations, we know the huge benefits of our work; sometimes it can be hard to convince funders. That's where this webinar can help you! We'll give you the tools you need to create the most compelling case for support possible, increasing your chances of fundraising success.

Working as a solo fundraiser -  16 January 2018
Being the solo fundraiser in a charity can be tough. Working in isolation and without support isn't easy, especially keeping up with industry developments or just being reassured that you are on the right track. Don't worry! We'll give you some TOP TIPS for staying calm under the pressure and making solo fundraising a breeze! 

Fundraising for non-fundraisers -  5 February 2018
Who's responsible for fundraising in a charity with no fundraisers? You are! But it isn't as terrifying as you think! In this webinar, we'll tell you where to start so that your organisation can start building the foundations of an effective fundraising strategy.  

Bespoke training

Need to get your Fundraising in order, but unable to attend on the above dates? Don't worry. We can arrange bespoke training sessions for you.  You decide where the training will be held; what subjects your sessions will cover, how and when they would like training to delivered and we'll organise it for you. Again, availability is limited-get in touch to discuss your training requirements as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Organisation visits-Fully Funded-Up to £1,000 available per organisation!

Provide your heritage organisations with the opportunity to visit and learn from other flagship organisations who have achieved fundraising success.

Learning outcomes
Your organisation will:

  • Learn from flagship heritage organisations with firsthand experience of successful fundraising
  • Learn about the key issues to consider when adopting new income streams
  • Give you the opportunity to discuss fundraising issues facing your organisation and find out how other heritage organisations have overcome them

 For more information, contact Richard Roberts on 01970 631148.

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