A basic safeguarding awareness training programme for those working with children, young people & adults

All Wales Basic Safeguarding Large

This course has been developed by the Care Council for Wales, WCVA, and local authorities. It is a basic safeguarding awareness programme that can be used for those working with children, young people and adults.

The training has been based on the Social Care Induction Framework Quality Assured Lifelong Learning (SCIF QALL) unit 'Induction to Safeguarding'.

This is an introductory course, and it is expected that those taking part would undertake further training and learning relevant to the particular group that they work with ie children or adults.


The aim of this course is to convey a number of key principles in the safeguarding of individuals and to provide staff with the basic foundation knowledge about responding to abuse and neglect.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course the learner will

  • Know own role in relation to safeguarding adults and children and young people from harm, abuse and neglect
  • Understand how individuals are protected from harm, abuse and neglect
  • Know how to recognise different types of harm, abuse and neglect

Who this course is for

This training is aimed at new members of staff or volunteers within your organisations who are required to complete basic safeguarding training as part of their role.


1 day

We can also tailor this course for your organisation, contact us for an informal discussion about your learning needs.