Tools & Resources

Specially developed tools and resources to help you with your trading activity: 

It's an idea, but is it a business?

WCVA's guide for those hoping to increase their funds through trading. It covers subjects such as getting started, business planning, the role of directors, financial monitoring and much more besides, and is rammed with invaluable advice and guidance.

The one-stop shop for third sector groups to trade. If you have a product or service to sell, 3to3 is the place to be seen. 

The Good Guide to trading - Getting ready for enterprise

Takes you through the process of launching a successful trading initiative from start to finish - giving lots of useful information on the way.

Exploring new products and markets?

Consider expanding your income base by enhancing your current products and markets, or by developing new ones. Use NCVO's tool to explore new options for your organisation and grow ideas to increase your financial sustainability. 

Choosing the Right Legal Form

There are lots of key questions you need to ask when choosing a legal form for your trading venture, social enterprise or trading subsidiary. Use NCVO's tool to work through the relevant issues such as trading purpose, ownership, governance and tax status. 

From asking to earning: Exploring the journey of trading

Tells the story of seven organisations' earning experiences by examining the critical success factors along the route.

Manual for developing social enterprises

A step-by-step guide to starting and running a social enterprise. 


Consider subscribing to one or more of the publications dedicated to social enterprise. These include Social Enterprise Magazine, New Sector (the magazine of co-operatives and community-owned businesses in the UK), New Start (dedicated to regeneration activity), or Can-zine (an online newsletter produced by Community Action Network).