30 Sep 2019

The Fundraising Regulator is urging organisations to make final preparations for implementation of new code

The changes to the code were first announced in June 2019, when the regulator launched the new version as a downloadable PDF. In the four months since the launch, the Fundraising Regulator has been engaging with fundraisers and stakeholders to help familiarise them with the new layout and standards. The online code has also undergone an extensive redesign and will be available for fundraisers to use from 1 October.  

This is the first major redraft of the code in almost a decade, following a consultation in autumn 2018. Improvements have been made to style, presentation, clarity and accessibility to make it easier for fundraisers, charities and third-party organisations to understand the standards expected of them when fundraising.  

Fundraising organisations should ensure that their fundraising materials, training and policies are updated to reflect the standards in the new code. To help with the transition, the Fundraising Regulator has produced a mapping document and deletions and mergers log to show where old rules and sections have moved to, which will be available online until November 2019.