15 Mar 2019

Since its inception in 2016 The Fundraising Regulator has placed a levy on charities spending over £100,000 a year on fundraising.

It was agreed that they would make no changes to these bands for 2 years.  

After careful thought and consultation it has now been decided that there will be some changes to the levy from September 2019 onwards. 

From September 2019 the Fundraising Regulator will: 

  • Continue to base the levy on total fundraising expenditure.
  • Decide which levy banding a charity falls into based on the information they provided in their most recently filed accounts (up until now they've used fundraising expenditure data from the 2014 accounts).
  • Introduce two extra bands at the lower end of the levy so that smaller charities move up the scale more gradually. Charities with a fundraising spend of £200,000 - £350,000 a year will be asked to pay £500, and charities with a spend of £500,000 - £750,000 will be asked to pay £1,000.
  • Larger higher education institutions and arm's-length bodies will continue to pay a flat rate levy of £1,000. Registration for charities below the levy amount will remain at £50 per year. The costs of registration for non-charities will also stay the same. 

It is felt that this approach makes it fairer for smaller charities who will move up the levy scale more gradually.