16 Jul 2018

The Scottish Power Foundation is now accepting applications from Registered Charities and not-for-profit organisations and expects to fund around 20 projects over the next year.

Scottish Power Foundation

All applications must address at least one of the following aims of the Foundation:

  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of environmental protection or improvement
  • The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science
  • The prevention or relief of poverty and the relief of those in need by reason of disability or other disadvantage

The advancement of citizenship and community development.

In addition, the Foundation particularly welcomes applications that strongly address the following strategic priorities:

  • Environmental programmes
  • Tackling disadvantage and promoting equal opportunities
  • Addressing fuel poverty and/or energy efficiency

Grants of £25,000 up to £250,000 are available for projects up to 12 months

The deadline for submitting your application is  Wednesday 25th July at 1pm