5 Mar 2018

Glastir Woodland Creation is jointly funded by the Welsh Government and the European Commission as part of the Rural Development Programme for Wales for 2014 to 2020.

The Welsh Government is committed to planting more trees in Wales through the Glastir Woodland Creation scheme to deliver a wide range of benefits:  

  • Provide shelter for stock and buildings from severe weather.

  • Control livestock movement by fencing out and planting inaccessible areas eg steep dingles.

  • Grow a sustainable supply of fuelwood and timber eg for construction and fencing.

  • Establish habitats for wildlife.

  • Reduce the risk of downstream flooding and siltation in watercourses.

  • Screen out noise pollution eg from roads and railways.

This scheme provides financial support for new planting, fencing and in some circumstances, annual maintenance and premium payments. Financial support is also available for planting trees in areas that continue to be grazed as part of an Agroforestry system ie combining agriculture and forestry. 

Land managers, including farmers, in Wales may apply. 

The next deadline for receipt of applications is 6 April 2018. 

For further information, call 0300 062 5004 or email: rpwonline@wales.gsi.gov.uk.