Review your plans

It is advisable to monitor and review the progress of a fundraising strategy or plan throughout, to determine how it measures up to the initial targets. At any stage, ask yourself:

  • Were we over or under-ambitious regarding our targets?
  • Do we need to revise our plans?
  • Do we need to conduct more research into potential funders or income streams?
  • Do we need to diversify our funding base?
  • Do we need advice or training on business or strategic planning or preparing fundraising strategies?

Monitoring without evaluation is worthless - any strategy or plan should be a living document so that further growth can be justified, and areas of work no longer needed or sustainable can be (and should be) dropped.

In addition, early wins and successes should be recognised and celebrated, in order to motivate staff involved and give credibility to the future sustainability of the organisation.

Some ways to integrate a fundraising strategy into an organisation might include:

  • Regular reviews of the strategy at staff events or 'away days'
  • Build strategy updates into management meetings
  • Identify key milestones for the plan to monitor progress
  • Circulate the plan to new staff, volunteers and trustees