Where do we start?

The first step is to make sure that no other group is doing what you want to do. However, if you are confident that there is no one else and have made sure that the project or service is needed then a new group may be required.

Setting up and running an organisation takes time, effort, commitment and resources. The following information sheets provide a good starting point and cover the basic areas you need to address:

Initially all groups need a governing document which needs to be agreed by the committee. Sometimes referred to as a constitution, the governing document sets out how the group is to be run.

Who should be involved?

First you need to set up a small group that is responsible for running the project. This should include people from a cross section of the community including those that the project is aimed at. Ideally the group needs to have people with a broad mix of skills and abilities. Try to avoid making the group too large, about 6-8 people is about right. If you have too many in the group, it can become difficult to manage. If the group is too small people can become overloaded and you may not have a sufficient range of skills.

How do we get more people involved?

There are various community participation methods that can help you get more people involved in the project. Participation Cymru provides innovative training, information and support in participatory approaches to citizen and community engagement, development and regeneration.