Before starting out check that your governing document allows you to carry out fundraising activities. Much of the legislation relates to asking for money from the general public, but there are also some wider issues to be aware of:

When running a raffle, lottery or collecting money in public places you must check to see if a licence is required from the local authority. Some forms of raffles and collections are exempt, but check with your local authority to make sure.

A comprehensive guide on fundraising and the law is available from the Charity Commission.

What about codes of best practice for fundraising?

Like many professions fundraising has its own codes of best practice. The Institute of Fundraising has developed the Code of Fundraising Practice and Code of Conduct for fundraisers. The code represent the standards set for fundraisers in the UK.

The Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) runs the only self-regulating scheme for fundraising bodies in UK and is supported by the Welsh Government.

Are there any other documents we may need?

It is becoming increasingly popular for funders to ask for evidence of certain policies and procedures. The most common are child protection, equal opportunities and environmental, but these will vary depending upon the type of project you are undertaking and what funders you are applying to.