It is becoming increasingly recognised that voluntary and community organisations must have access to reliable and predictable sources of funding or income to secure their long-term financial future.

There are many funding sources available to the sector across a spectrum of opportunities - from charitable giving, voluntary donations, and grants, to earning income from delivering goods or services under contract, or trading (selling) goods or services on the open market.

WCVA is able to offer the following diagnostic tools to help voluntary and community organisations better understand these sources and to explore the potential for adopting them.

  • The Income Spectrum

Different sources of income are accessed and managed in different ways and involve different relationships with the individual or organisation supplying the funds. This tool discusses the income options available to voluntary and community organisations and these relationships.

  • Do you need to diversify?

Reviewing where income is currently coming from and identifying areas for development can assist organisations to determine whether a more diverse funding approach could benefit its operations. This tool is intended to help organisations learn more about where their income comes from and consider how reliant they are on these sources.