A whole host of guidance has been published by WCVA and other organisations which exist to help those working in the voluntary sector, and we want to make sure that you can find the most relevant guidance as easily as possible.

Take a look at the range of publications listed below: there's a whole wealth of useful guidance available to you here!



Faith and hope don't run charities (trustees do)

It's an idea but is it a buisness - a guide to third sector trading

The Charity Governance Code



Charity Commission logo

The essential trustee: what you need to know

Trustee expenses and payments

Trustees, tax and trading

Charity types: how to choose a structure

Charities and Investment Matters: A guide for trustees

Managing charity assets and resources: an overview for trustees

Charities and Risk Management: A guide for trustees

Charities and insurance

Protecting charities from harm (the 'compliance toolkit')

How to write your governing document

Internal financial controls for charities


   Codes of Conduct for Trustees


Charity Finance Group logo



       Charity fraud: a guide for the trustees and managers of charities



 Co-op UK logo

  Simply Legal

  Simply Governance 


 ACAS logo 

Handling small-scale redundancies - A step-by-step guide

TUPE regulations

                                    Help for small firms


National Occupational Standards for Trustees and Management Committee Members in the Voluntary and Community Sector 

Toolkit for good governance

Trustee recruitment toolkit

Charity Governance Review 2013: The science of good governance 

Charity Governance Review 2014: Good governance gathers pace

Charity Governance Review 2015: Navigating a changing world