The third sector is made up of a wide range of non profit organisations, and this area of our website is for people who have responsibility for managing and administering those organisations - either as a trustee of a charity, or as a governing body or management committee member of a non-charitable organisation.

Hope Rescue Governance winners

Sian Lloyd presenting worthy winners, Hope Rescue, with the award for good governance at the Third Sector Awards Cymru 2017.

**** Please note that for ease of reference we will refer to all third sector organisations (including charities) as 'voluntary organisations', and all governing body members (including charity trustees) as 'trustees'. ****

We recognise that the work that trustees do is invaluable to the voluntary organisations that make up the third sector in Wales, and that good governance is a vital part of how those organisations operate and are held accountable for what they do. We strive to ensure that trustees are provided with the support and leadership that they need, and this support takes a number of forms 


Need some guidance on a particular matter? We can offer a whole host of resources to help you, including information sheets specifically written for trustees, an extensive range of publications dealing with a variety of topics, resources from WCVA events that you might have attended recently, and a list of key contacts that can offer you further help if you need it.

Tools to help you

There are numerous tools available to help with certain tasks or making complex decisions, so we've put together a collection of what we consider to be some of the best ones out there at the moment. They range from a governance health check to a service for advertising trustee vacancies, and a decision-making tool for finding the best legal structure for your organisation.

What WCVA can offer trustees

As well as written resources and tools that WCVA has created, we also have a programme of events designed for trustees and a number of services offered by specific teams depending on your need. So if you need help with a legal matter, some funding advice, what trustee training is available or a host of other issues, you've come to the right place.

Have your say

This section of the website encourages you to engage with WCVA's trustee support service.  You might want to let us know about something that is causing you difficulties as a trustee which we might be able to help you with, or make comments that can be reflected in a consultation response that we are submitting. You can also use a number of social media options to tell us and others what's on your mind, so please do get involved: we'd love to hear from you!