Do you want to strengthen governance, deliver better services for users, improve operating practices and better demonstrate outcomes in your third sector organisation?

It is increasingly important for third sector organisations in Wales to demonstrate their performance, effectiveness and impact to funders, commissioners, users and other stakeholders.

PQASSO helps third sector organisations take a systematic look at what they do, identify areas where they are doing well and not so well, and decide exactly where improvements are needed.

PQASSO covers all aspects of an organisation's work including governance, planning, leadership and management, managing people, managing money and outcomes and impact. Once an organisation has implemented PQASSO it can apply for the PQASSO Quality Mark, the external accreditation for PQASSO, which shows that the organisation has achieved the PQASSO quality standard at a particular level.

We are really pleased to be working in partnership with National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) in promoting and supporting PQASSO developments in Wales.

Find out more about PQASSO and the PQASSO Quality Mark. 

PQASSO Essentials pilot

Whilst PQASSO's flexibility means it can be, and is, used by all types and sizes of third sector organisations, we also know that particularly small third sector groups and organisations sometimes need a step before PQASSO to help them review how well their group or organisation is doing and how it can develop and strengthen.

PQASSO Essentials is intended to do just that.

PQASSO Essentials is intended to help smaller, third sector groups and organisations that:

  • May never have reviewed their whole group or organisation and that want to do a basic 'health check' to know which areas they need to develop and strengthen
  • Want to start to introduce and embed quality and continuous improvement in their work
  • Need a framework to support the development of their group or organisation, and 
  • Want to be more effective and efficient in how they work.

Find out more about the PQASSO Essentials pilot and register to take part.

Find out more

To find out more about PQASSO and PQASSO developments in Wales please contact Heledd Kirkbride, PQASSO Engagement Officer at or 07376 602320 | 029 2043 1716.

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