Whether you call it influencing, advocacy or campaigning, all these activities are about creating change. The impact is the real change created by a campaign – the difference it makes to people’s lives.

This section contains general guidance on campaign strategy and planning, and lobbying skills, but also provides a wealth of information on influencing government in Wales - understanding the Assembly, legislative procedures, petitioning the National Assembly for Wales, and an introduction to Assembly business and committees.

Information sheets

Who represents me?
Introduction to Welsh devolution and the Government of Wales Act 2006
National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh Government
Assembly business and committees
Making Legislation
The National Assembly for Wales Commission
Petitioning the National Assembly for Wales
The National Assembly for Wales - Basic facts and Glossary
Local government information
Planning a Campaign
Campaigning and lobbying techniques
Local Authority Plans and Strategies
Local Government Scrutiny
Town and Community Councils
The role of Third Sector Support Wales in third sector influencing and engagement