8 Jul 2019

New Charity Governance Code tool for charities with an income under £100,000

Our sister council in England, NCVO, has published a free toolkit to help smaller charities use the Charity Governance Code.  The toolkit is animated at charities which have an annual turnover of under £100,000 or that have no staff.

The toolkit links directly to the Charity Governance Code. It uses the same principles but describes the kind of practice a micro organisation should aspire to implement. There are also links to lots of free tools and resources which can be used and adapted to implement the principles. Our hope is that this will make the jobs of the dedicated and committed trustees of the smallest charities easier. We are pleased to have received endorsement and support for the tool from our partners on the Code's steering group and it's chair, Rosie Chapman. Dan Francis

Download the toolkit  (English only)

WCVA is a member of the Charity Governance Code steering group.

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