13 Dec 2018

The Charity Commission has issued an alert to charities about postal stamp fraud


Stamp fraud involves the preparation, distribution and sale of previously used stamps for reuse. Usually these stamps are sold online, at a lower price than the standard postal service rate.

A number of charities collect used stamps as a means of fundraising. Some are inadvertently enabling this form of fraud by selling packages of used stamps, commonly referred to as 'kiloware'.The majority of these stamps are then prepared and fraudulently re-sold as if they were valid postage.

Fundraisers may believe they are selling stamps to collectors but this is rarely the case as these stamps have little collectable value.

Charities should avoid engaging in this activity unless they are certain that the stamps collected and sold are genuinely being bought by collectors, and are not being used for fraudulent purposes.

See the Charity Commission alert for more information about the warning signs and how to avoid this kind of fraud.