1 Mar 2018

WCVA is delighted to be working with Inspiring Impact, a collaborative programme to help third sector organisations improve their impact practice.


Inspiring Impact



Inspiring Impact aims to change the way the sector thinks about impact and make high quality impact measurement the norm.



The vision:

So what will it look like when high quality impact measurement practice is the norm?

  • Charities and social enterprises routinely plan, measure, assess, and improve their work on the basis of their impact.
  • Funders seek to increase their impact by using impact data to allocate resources and improve practice.
  • Evidence about effective interventions is widely available and regularly used to inform policy and practice.
  • Effective interventions lead to significant and sustainable improvements to the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who benefit from charity and social enterprise services.

We are working in partnership with our County Voluntary Council (CVC) Partners to disseminate training on impact practice and creating a theory of change.

Tools to support good impact practice

WCVA has made some of the Inspiring Impact tools available in Welsh and English.

The Code of Good Impact Practice

The Code sets out a cycle of good impact practice and eight high level principles to follow. Each principle includes a brief description of how your impact practice would look if you were applying the principle, an explanation of why it is important and some ideas about how to implement it.

Download the Code:

Measuring Up!

Measuring Up! is a free, step-by-step self-assessment tool that allows you to review and improve your organisation's impact practice - that is, the way you plan, evidence, communicate and learn from the difference that your work makes.

You can register to access the English version of Measuring Up!, on the Inspiring Impact website here

If you would like to use a Welsh language version, please contact mrigby@wcva.org.uk  We are asking organisations to request a copy so we can track how the tool is being used.  

Have you already made progress on measuring your impact? Get in touch!

We want to hear from organisations in Wales that are already working on their impact practice and would be interested in joining a new group that we hope will develop into an impact champions network for Wales.

Want to hear more?

Come along to our Inspiring Impact session at Gofod 3 on 8th March.