4 Nov 2019

TSSW are looking for suppliers to develop a new online space where third sector organisations can access the information and guidance, they need to grow their organisations, build their resilience and enhance their impact in communities.

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Third Sector Support Wales, comprising WCVA and local County Voluntary Councils (CVCs), is working with Welsh Government to develop a new online portal. It brings together a range of current and new sources of information and learning to help third sector organisations improve their resilience and increase their impact in communities. The portal will also act as an engagement tool to build greater sustainable connectivity between public, private and third sectors.

We want to create a pan-Wales approach to information, learning and engagement enriched with interactive learning resources and other media. The new online portal will bring together and streamline a range of current and new information, learning and engagement resources to support third sector organisations in delivering their aims and objectives.

TSSW is undertaking a procurement process to find suppliers to build the new online portal and develop the content. The tender process is live on Sell2Wales and the deadline for tender submissions is Thursday 21 November.

TSSW Online Portal Development - https://www.sell2wales.gov.wales/search/show/search_view.aspx?ID=OCT313468  

TSSW Content Development for Online Portal - https://www.sell2wales.gov.wales/search/show/search_view.aspx?ID=OCT313470

If you have any queries regarding the new TSSW Online Portal or other services we provide please contact Sara Sellek at WCVA - ssellek@wcva.cymru or Tel: 029 2043 1777 who would be happy to answer any questions you may have.