28 Nov 2019

Agile Nation 2 is a European Social Fund and Welsh Government funded programme being delivered by Chwarae Teg. It has been developed to help improve the position of women in the workforce across the nine priority sectors in Wales.

This has been established as women continue to be underrepresented at a managerial level in these sectors.

The programme has been designed to improve this situation by delivering:

  • Career Development Programme for Women
  • Business Programme for Small to Medium sized Enterprises

Through the Agile Nation2 Business Programme you can access up to 42 hours consultancy support valued at approx. £4,200


The programme assesses ten key business areas which enable you to identify strengths and improvement areas:

Chwarae Teg has been working to support gender equality in the workplace for over 25 years. Their team of HR Professionals have supported over 400 businesses to date - join them to empower your management team and become an employer of choice!

Find out more about the programme at https://www.agilenation2.org.uk/ or contact them at an2@chwaraeteg.com  / 0300 365 0445 / https://www.agilenation2.org.uk/contact-us/