18 Oct 2019

The proof reading service provides practical support for developing your use of the Welsh language.


If you have leaflets, posters, web pages, policies or even Facebook or Twitter posts, this is a great way to have a go at preparing bilingual material.

How does it work?

1. Have a go at drafting the text bilingually. Give it your best shot, the purpose of the service is to build confidence.
2. Send the text (in Welsh and English) to the Commissioner via email on  hybu@welshlanguagecommissioner.wales  - there's up to 1000 words per year available for each organisation which can be used in one go or in small chunks over the year.
3. We'll send the work to a professional translator to be checked and then it will be returned to you (within 3-4 days) with any comments or suggestions.
4. You can then publish or print the work bilingually. 

What are the benefits?

• Develop the bilingual skills of your workforce
• Develop confidence in using Welsh
• Ensure the work is correct before printing or publishing
• A chance to have a go at using Welsh to benefit your business or charity
• Free of charge


"Over 90% of our staff members are Welsh speaking and we saw the need to increase our visual use of the language. We've been delighted to be able to take advantage of the free proof reading service offered by the Commissioner. It's allowed us to be certain that the materials we're producing in Welsh are correct, and means that we're able to increase our use of the language which can only enhance the experience of our visitors from Wales and further beyond."  
Snowdon Railway

"The Welsh Language Commissioner's free proof reading service is very useful for checking short pieces of text such as document headings and job titles. The turnaround is generally very quick and it has definitely improved our ability to provide a bilingual service."
Wales Co-operative Centre

As a social enterprise, the fact that the proof reading serviced was free was very helpful. Also we were looking for a reliable way of having our documents proof read and ensuring that their translation was correct.  The Commissioner's service was recommended to us and we have been very happy with everything you have done for us. The provision of the proof reading service has improved the confidence of the individual who originally translated the text. We would most certainly recommend the Commissioner's Proof Reading Service to any company"

"The service was a great support for us. There are often regional differences for Welsh terms. Using the service installed confidence that the Welsh used was the most suitable within National promotion. I would definitely recommend the service to others in the future."
Wales Golf

"I have been really pleased to have had the support of the Proof Reading Service as I am a very novice Welsh learner and am generally reliant on volunteers translating text for community event promotions. The service has really improved the confidence of the people offering to translate.
I have already recommended this service to a number of colleagues in similar positions and would not hesitate to recommend to more!"
Good Day Out