25 Oct 2019

The Analytical Volunteer Programme (AVP) is an annual programme that arranges for government analysts to work in voluntary sector organisations on short term placements.

The programme provides an excellent opportunity for voluntary sector organisations to benefit from free analytical expertise and for government analysts to develop and build new skills.

Volunteers can contribute from half a day up to five days. The time doesn't have to be taken in one chunk - for some projects it may be more practical to provide some initial support for a day or two, then some further help after a few weeks.

All voluntary sector organisations are welcome to apply for a volunteer analyst. You can receive free analytical assistance in a skilled area that you may not normally have access to. 

The scheme:

  • Enables organisations to use data to measure and improve their impact, target work, apply for grants and streamline activities
  • Allows organisations to set up and improve systems and processes
  • Gives staff the opportunity to learn new skills so they are able to replicate analysis
  • Provides a level of analytical expertise to support a project that the organisations wouldn't be confident in tackling alone 

How to apply:

Applications for organisations are currently open, deadline for submitting your completed application form is Wednesday 13 November 2019.

Applications for volunteers will then open later in November and the AVP team will match the applications from voluntary sector organisations with volunteers who have suitable skills, based on the information you provide in your application.

Please note that sadly we can't guarantee all applications will be filled with an analyst. All matching is aimed to be completed by January.

For more information, including case study examples and FAQ's, please visit the AVP  webpage.

If you want to be added to the AVP mailing list please email: analyticalvolunteer@gmail.com.