3 Sep 2019

Please take less than 2 minutes to complete this questionnaire!

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Wales Cooperative Centre are currently undergoing consultation for a new Community Shares Wales programme for a number of months to shape their future project. 

The survey is aimed at any not-for-profit community groups or enterprises that are looking for funding. 

But what are community shares? 

Community Shares are withdrawable, non-transferable share capital unique to Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies. 

Basically, if a community needs funding to transform a building into something that would benefit the community then this is a scheme that can support them to do this. 

The project then helps to raise money from the community, with each person buying shares. 

You receive support to make a plan for how each shareholder could be paid back in the near future and how the building could then fully sustain itself. 

This has included things such as a local business that benefits the community - e.g. a village buying the last pub that is closing down, so they have a meeting place.

Or a community renovating a school that they own but the council leases from them, to ensure locally based education continues. 

If you are happy to help by completing the survey then it only takes 2 minutes and is online here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LVLNLCP 

Full information can be found here- https://wales.coop/get-our-help/our-projects/community-shares-wales/