11 Jan 2019

Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW) is running face-to-face and digital focus groups to explore the impact they’ve made, and work out how they can make a bigger impact in the future.


WCVA is part of Third Sector Support Wales, a network of support organisations for the third sector in Wales, comprising ourselves and the County Voluntary Councils. Our shared goal is to enable the third sector and volunteers across Wales to contribute fully to individual and community wellbeing, now and for the future.

TSSW has recently undertaken work to help measure its impact on the third sector in Wales. This includes a survey asking how TSSW has helped organisations with their governance, volunteering, influencing and sustainable funding work.

Richard Newton Consulting are organising face-to-face and digital focus groups, with people and third sector groups who have received services from TSSW organisations or are members of TSSW organisations. The focus groups aim to explore what impact the groups think TSSW has made, and what TSSW can do better or differently to make a bigger impact in the future.

There are three face-to-face events in January 2019 in Merthyr Tydfil, Conwy and Aberystwyth. There will also be two virtual events on Tues 29th Jan via Zoom Conferencing - 9.30 in Welsh, and 11.30 in English.

Register for the events below:

Stakeholder focus groups TSSW - Merthyr Tydfil

Stakeholder focus groups TSSW - Conwy

Stakeholder focus group TSSW - Aberystwyth

Stakeholder focus group TSSW - Virtual meeting

Events are free to attend, but please only register for these events if you have received support from TSSW.

If you have not received support from TSSW but would like to take part in the impact survey, please email info@richard-newton.co.uk.