16 Jan 2019

Tony was struggling to balance the pressures of single fatherhood while simultaneously looking for employment when he was first referred to the Monmouthshire Employment Pathway, an Active Inclusion funded project at Monmouthshire Housing Association, backed by European Social Funds.

The support he received helped him overcome his struggles, find his way to employment and help support his young family.

His three children began their lives under extremely difficult circumstances before living with Tony, who himself had received a difficult upbringing, and he was eager to make sure he could meet their childcare needs, as hard as that might be.

Before his referral to the project however, Tony found himself caught between the pulls of dealing with the Jobcentre, looking for work and raising his children, the demands of each conflicting with the other to the point where he thought he would never be able to get back into work.

He was fortunate enough, however, to be placed on the Monmouthshire Employment Pathway, a project aimed at helping participants towards work through mentoring and coaching, followed by a supported, paid placement with a company.

Conversation wasn't one of Tony's strong points in the beginning, and he seemed a bit of a closed book, but through hard work and perseverance Monmouthshire Housing Association were able to identify a keen interest in carpentry and organise a placement for Tony within a company called Cosgrove Construction.

The Monmouthshire Employment Pathway project provided Tony with as much support as possible to help him prepare, but ultimately it came down to a nail-biting final interview for Tony to demonstrate what he was truly capable of.

Happily, Tony did himself justice and was accepted onto the placement. His hours were worked to suit his childcare needs, and, just like that, he was in paid employment, the first step taken to better supporting his young family.

Although there were some small hiccups along the way, it wasn't long until both Tony and his children began to see improvements to his confidence and motivation as he finally started to see he now had job prospects he never would have previously believed.

This proved to be especially true when, upon completion of his placement, Tony and Monmouthshire Employment Pathway's hard work and commitment bore fruit with the offer of a permanent post at Cosgrove Construction, something he has fully embraced. 

The work that Monmouthshire Housing Association did with Tony, funded by Active Inclusion and supported by European Social Funds, sums up how far someone can go if they just get the right help, and the difference it can make not only to individuals, but their families too.

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