21 Jan 2019

WCVA is asking third sector organisations in Wales to contribute to their vision of a new home for the sector.

new building

gofod3, Wales' space for the third sector, has been a triumph in getting people from the sector together. Our annual event was designed as a space to learn from each other, to motivate and inspire one another.

We think this open and collaborative approach could be more than just a yearly occurrence, and we'd love to work with the sector to develop a shared permanent base that's more than just a building.

However, we're at the very earliest stages of this unique project (we deliberately don't even have a building in mind!) so we're looking for assistance to help us shape our vision and make it as useful as possible for the sector. That's why we need you to fill out this short survey (5 mins) telling us how you think our new space should look, act and feel.

But what does a collaborative office even look like?

We want to bring together people and organisations from across the sector both as a space for people to work but also as a focal point for the sector to meet, discuss, inform, collaborate and innovate.

While keeping our roots firmly grounded in different parts of Wales, with our offices in Aberystwyth and Rhyl, our aim is to create a modern, inspiring, flexible, collaborative space in Cardiff to act as a home for third sector organisations of all sizes and types and a space for the sector to assemble. A space that, like gofod3, can act as a catalyst for creating real lasting change for Wales.

The building might include: 

  • Shared spaces (offices, kitchens, meeting rooms)
  • Options to have a separate office space for your organisation within a shared building, or a permanent bank of desks in a shared space
  • Regular opportunities to network with peers from across the sector

Those are just some of our thoughts but what would make it work for you? 

Are you with us?

Please take a moment to tell us your views by filling out the survey, or if you'd rather you can email Matthew Brown on mbrown@wcva.org.uk to arrange a conversation and find out more.

The survey is open until 18 February 2019 and your input will be used to develop our approach to this exciting opportunity.