1 Oct 2018

Save the date - 11.10.18

Webinar _ ENRa W 3

The Welsh Government is setting in place revised grant arrangements to support implementation of the Natural Resources Policy, making clearer links between Wales' natural resources and well-being.

The scheme will be administered and managed by the Environment and Communities Division on behalf of wider policy interests and will focus on supporting cross-sector collaborative projects that will achieve a broad range of environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits.

Supporting the delivery of  Prosperity for All: the national strategy and the Natural Resources Policy, the scheme has 3 themes of action under which grant applications can be made:

  • Developing, regenerating and broadening access to sustainable green infrastructure
  • Improving the quality of the urban and rural built environment
  • Developing resilient ecological networks and nature based solutions

The grant is open to a wide range of organisations working in a collaborative way to deliver activity under the themes of action and will provide both revenue and capital funding to support delivery.

Welsh Government will be holding a webinar administered by WCVA on 11.10.18 to share information about the funding and allow groups to ask questions. Further information and booking details will be available soon.