10 Oct 2018

Does your group or project have funding journey stories? TSSW would love to share your experiences on their new funding website

Applying for funding can be a difficult experience, particularly if your group is new to the process.

Reading about another project's route to success can be a great source of inspiration and just might be the guidance a group needs to help them along their funding journey.

That's why Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW) is asking groups to provide case studies for their new funding website. In return for sharing your information, we will be happy to share a bit of comms and marketing support, should you need it, to turn text into a visual case study or infographic so that you also have a useful tool to share with your Board or members.

Tssw -logoTSSW is a network of support organisations for the whole of the third sector in Wales. It consists of the 19 local and regional support bodies across Wales, the County Voluntary Councils (CVCs) and the national support body, Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA).

One of their four pillars of work is 'sustainable funding'. Within this pillar TSSW provides services which enable third sector organisations to secure and generate the resources they need to survive, thrive and remain relevant in the future.

Their new funding website will help deliver on this work by identifying, promoting and up-scaling good practice and innovation across Wales. As well as case studies, the website will also contain a funding portal to allow organisations to search for live funding opportunities.

TSSW want to share your funding journey successes, struggles, and innovations.

The following questions may provide some ideas to get you started:

  • Were you able to secure funding for an unusual or untested project?
  • Did your group experiment with crowdfunding?
  • Has your organisation developed a long-term funding strategy which is helping to steer which types of funding you apply for?
  • How did your project move on from a funding stream coming to an end?
  • What has your group achieved using the funding you have received?

If you are interested in sharing your funding stories or would like to find out more information about the new TSSW funding portal, get in touch by emailing: funding@wcva.org.uk