3 Oct 2018

Check out our Invest in Nature Cymru webpages to understand how you can make your organisation more resilient to issues which will impact upon future well-being…

Rising political, social, economic, and environmental pressures from issues such as climate change, Brexit, and social inequality will impact upon your organisation and service users. Whilst it is difficult to prepare for every eventuality there are steps you can take to improve your resilience to rising pressures.

Our webpages on 'Making Space for Nature', ' Greening Your Organisation', and ' Tackling Climate Change' provide advice and guidance on ways to increase well-being by utilising nature based solutions, and in doing so become more resilient to political, social, economic, and environmental changes.

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Making Space for Nature

Healthy ecosystems provide incremental benefits to humans and society from providing natural defence against extreme weather, increasing food production to improving wellbeing. Wildlife plays a crucial role in protecting vulnerable ecosystems through pollination and habitat management.

There are many ways that groups and organisations can make space for nature and help provide vital habitats for our plants and wildlife.

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Greening Your Organisation

A key driver in investing time, energy, and sometimes money, in making your organisation more energy efficient, waste-conscious, and resource-light is that it delivers bottom-line cost savings that can be used to fund your key services or mission.

However, these actions will also play a part in helping tackle some of our most pressing global challenges, safeguarding access to resources and quality of life for future generations.

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Tackling Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world. It is not simply an environmental problem, it has implications for the wellbeing of people here in Wales, and across the world.

The third sector has huge potential to tackle both the causes and consequences of climate change. It is uniquely placed to reach and support people, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

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