19 Sep 2018

This new report examines scenarios designed to meet the climate targets of the Paris Climate Agreement; including plans for clean energy, land use, and diets.

What is Zero Carbon Britain all about?

The UN Paris Agreement states that humanity must reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of this century. This is a big shift, but we have no option other than to succeed if we are to avoid really dangerous climate change. Previous Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB) research has shown that we can meet this challenge using technology available today.

Since its inception in 2007, the Centre for Alternative Technology's Zero Carbon Britain project has set out to offer the hard data and confidence required for visualising a future where we have risen to the demands of climate science; to remove fear and misunderstandings and open new positive, solution-focused conversations.

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What does the new report tell us?

This new report - Raising Ambition: Zero Carbon Scenarios from Across the Globe - draws on scenarios designed to meet the climate targets of the Paris Climate Agreement, developed at the global, regional, national and sub-national scales.
ZCB - Raising Ambition Report
Over 130 scenarios were assessed and mapped - the largest number yet in any comparable exercise, including 18 in-depth case studies. They draw on cutting-edge modelling work for net zero, deep decarbonisation, and up to 100% renewable energies. The geographical range is the broadest yet too, covering from Tanzania to Los Angeles, and South Asia to the Baltic.

Paul Allen of ZCB had this to say about the report:
"This summer the climate crisis became horrifically real for people experiencing record weather extremes from the United States to Japan and Bangladesh. We have produced the largest survey yet of scenarios for switching to climate friendly energy, and the good news is that they show it is within our power to make the changes needed to meet carbon reduction targets and halt the worst of global climatic upheaval."

What could Zero Carbon mean for Wales?

In contrast to the usual doom and gloom scenarios around climate change, the Zero Carbon Wales events, held in Bangor and Cardiff in July 2017, were designed to inspire attendees and to open up new ways to collaborate. To find out about our events in more detail read our blog 'Achieving a Zero Carbon Wales Together'; which summarises the different activities and includes personal reflections from Chloe Jenkins of Invest in Nature Cymru on the Zero Carbon Wales message.

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How can you get involved in the route to decarbonisation in Wales?
Webinar _ A Low Carbon Pathway For Wales (English)
The Welsh Government is currently holding a consultation on 'A Low Carbon Pathway for Wales' which presents initial thoughts on how we might reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% between now and 2030. Proposals include:

  • Accelerating sustainable energy production and foster local ownership
  • Improving opportunities for active travel and develop a comprehensive charging network for electric vehicles
  • Setting higher energy efficiency standards for new building projects.

For more information about the consultation view our recent webinar here.

Tackling Climate Change Guide - Front Cover
Want to know more about Climate Change and the implications for your organisation and stakeholders?

The third sector has huge potential to tackle both the causes and consequences of climate change. It is uniquely placed to reach and support people, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable. Our 'Tackling Climate Change' webpages and resource 'A Third Sector Guide to Climate Change' will help you understand what climate change is about, where to find support to help you manage your climate risks, and how to make better decisions for a changing future.