7 Sep 2018

Natural Resources Wales are looking for partners to help develop Area Statements for the protection and enhancement of Welsh ecosystems

Natural Resources

What are Area Statements and why do they matter?

Area Statements will help to facilitate the delivery of the Welsh Government's Natural Resources Policy at the local level. The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 requires the Statements to include information about the natural resources in that place, the benefits they provide, and the priorities, risks and opportunities that need to be addressed, to achieve sustainable management of them.

Area Statements are an evidence base to help deliver sustainable management of natural resources at a local level right across Wales. They will bring together data, information, organisations, and ways of engaging others to help better understand the state and trends of natural resources in an area, the pressures on them and the benefits we receive. In doing so, they should also stimulate action and collaboration around management of natural resources.

Area Statements are a fundamental building block for other planning processes in Wales - in particular (but not exclusively) Well-being Plans, Local Development Plans, National Park and AONB Management Plans, Water Company Plans and NRW's own statutory and operational planning processes. Because they need to feed into these processes in a relevant and timely way - we need to ensure the process for their development is done collaboratively, using the collective knowledge from a broad range of stakeholders.

Snowdonia 7What progress has been made so far?

Natural Resources Wales have been working with stakeholders from all sectors to understand and map natural resources across Wales. They have developed an overview webpage explaining what area statements are in more detail, and a priorities and challenges webpage outlining the context for the area statements. They have also started to map resources and priorities for each of the seven defined areas:


How can I get involved?

Natural Resources Wales and partners need people from all sectors, organisations and communities to get involved in the process of developing Area Statements. At every stage, initiatives by partners are welcomed to help shape and raise awareness of Area Statements through their networks.

If you'd like to get involved, please complete the online survey or contact the Area Statement lead:

If you would like to find out more about the Environment (Wales) Act 2016, view our 'All You Need to Know' webpage.