24 Sep 2018

There is still time to take part in the 'All Wales Beach Clean' - 14-30 September

2018 is a special year in Wales, as it has been officially chosen as the Year of the Sea. Working with partners across Wales, MCS is attempting to make 2018 the biggest year yet for beach cleans, by being part of an 'All Wales Beach Clean' super-event.

It is hoped that every beach in Wales can be cleaned between 14-30 September.

Beachclean 1

Some of our best-loved marine wildlife is under threat from the waste and litter in our seas, with hundreds of species accidently eating or becoming entangled in litter. It is also dangerous and unsightly for people and damaging to our tourism and fishing industries.

In 2017, surveys were undertaken on 25 Welsh beaches by 555 dedicated volunteers. Results showed that the average number of litter items collected increased by 11% since 2016, equating to an average of 677 items per 100m stretch. Notably, the amount of 'on the go' items found, such as bottles, coffee cups, lids, straws and takeaway containers, also increased by 13%.

Plastic and polystyrene pieces continue to rank highest in litter types surveyed (avg. 255 pieces per 100m in the UK), with food packaging, and plastic caps and lids, also ranking in the top 5 items littered. Cigarette butts, wet wipes and the remains of cotton buds, are also within the top 10 UK litter items.

This year, MCS has taken further action in Wales to reduce litter at source. MCS is currently campaigning for the Welsh Government to introduce a levy on 'single use' plastic items, and is also calling for the introduction of a Deposit Return System for drinks containers.

Beachclean 2

There is still time to take part in the 'All Wales Beach Clean', details of which can be found here.

You can also find out about all year round surveys by going to the Beachwatch website.