2 Aug 2018

On the WCVA blog: Jessica Blair, Director of ERS Cymru introduces the ‘civil society manifesto’, the first united attempt from Welsh civil society to help open up democracy.

Civil society manifesto wide

Sophia the humanoid robot and fellow panellists discussing artificial intelligence at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in July

'If you could get Welsh Government to do one thing to be more transparent or engaging, what would it be? Especially if you knew the government had to listen and respond?

'That was the premise of a recent consultation we did as part of the Open Government Network for Wales.

'Open Government is a rather new concept for civil society in Wales, but it's actually a worldwide phenomenon where governments across the globe commit to improving accountability, transparency and participation in their countries - and work with civil society to put those ideas into action. The idea is to break down barriers which exist between politicians and those they represent...'

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