31 Aug 2018

Invest in Nature Cymru can help point you to resources, support and funding!

INC - Logo

Invest in Nature Cymru (previously Environet Cymru) is a Welsh Government programme working to support any community group or third sector organisation wanting to start or develop an environmental project.

For those of you who knew us as Environet Cymru, don't worry we will still offer a free signposting and advice service and promote the amazing work of environmental and community groups through our digital network. However, we will have a new name - Invest in Nature Cymru - to tie in with an important strand of our work, which is to demonstrate how care of our natural world underpins all our prosperity and well-being.

From 1 September 2018, you will be able to find us and all our resources through the following:

(You can also still reach us individually at: cjenkins@wcva.org.uk for publicity and funding enquiries / cberry@wcva.org.uk for policy and project collaboration)

Thank you for bearing with us during this transition, please share our new contact details with colleagues and please update any of our old logos and links from your website if relevant. If you need any help with this, please just get in touch.

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