30 Jul 2018

Bringing together co-operative and community activists for shared learning.


Saturday, September 8th 2018,
The Tabernacle Chapel, The Hayes, Cardiff CF10 1AJ

The context for the event is a growing aspiration for the achievement of collective well-being, both for present and future generations. This is especially evident in Wales, but it is relevant globally. 

Within this aspiration, there is an expectation that ordinary people will play a crucial voluntary role as "co-producers" of better services and communities, sharing power amongst themselves and working alongside professionals as valued contributors. But engaging citizens and communities in collective, long-term action is not something that just happens by wishing for it, or even legally constituting for it. It takes constant thought and attention. 

It can be done, but what are the challenges and solutions? And what are the best ways of learning about them?

Think Co-operatively, Learn Collectively

The 8th September event is seeking to bring together activists from the fields of community development, adult learning and co-operatives to explore these questions together. There will be a few opening presentations from each field, but the event is designed for maximum participation and shared learning. 

It will be a safe and co-operatively facilitated place, where participants can learn, share and network with people on similar journeys of discovery.

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