13 Jul 2018

Written Statement - Lesley Griffiths AM, Cabinet Secretary Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs

"The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 sets our long-term ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% in 2050 and provides strong foundations to meet our international commitments. Last year I confirmed we will be accounting for all our emissions in Wales. The purpose of this statement is to update the Assembly with regards setting interim emissions reduction targets and our first two carbon budgets."

"Having considered the evidence, including the UKCCC advice, Cabinet has agreed to set interim targets and first two carbon budgets as follows (against the 1990 baseline):

• 2020: 27% reduction

• 2030: 45% reduction

• 2040: 67% reduction

• Carbon budget 1 (2016-20): Average of 23% reduction

• Carbon budget 2 (2021-25): Average of 33% reduction"

"We will launch a consultation in July focusing on how to achieve our low-carbon pathway to 2030 and maximising benefits on our well-being goals."

Carbon -budget 200 150

For more information on the Environment Act, click here.