30 Jul 2018

This blog is the first in a series from 2017 Walter Dickie Leadership Bursary winner Steve Brooks, National Director of Sustrans Cymru.

AGM 2017 WDLB winner

Say the word 'entrepreneur' and my mind conjured up one of two images. The first was a tech-savvy millennial, with a portfolio career hot-desking from a coworking space in  Indycube and making money from doing things on social media that frankly I don't fully understand. 

The second was older, free-spirits like Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson or James Dyson who'd developed a money-spinning idea back in the day, had massively scaled it up, and were now living off the income and pursuing philanthropic work. Despite having an Instagram account and a regular donation to Oxfam, I fitted neither definition. But my view started to change after I read about Walter Dickie.

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