28 Jun 2018

On the WCVA blog: Mair Rigby, WCVA’s Governance and Safeguarding Manager, offers some top tips for improving your impact practice.

tape measure

When I talk to third sector organisations about the importance of good impact practice, the response can often be summarised as this, 'We'd love to do more work on measuring our impact, but its very difficult to make the time when we're so busy delivering our services'.

Having worked for a lot of smaller third sector organisations, I really do sympathise with this kind of comment. Just delivering your work can feel like an enormous task, especially during a time when many organisations are experiencing a reduction in their resources. Adding 'measure impact' to the already very long list of things to do can sound like a big ask!

But I'm going to argue that investing some time and resources in developing your impact practice could really benefit your organisation and pay off in the longer term.

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