21 Jun 2018

The Innovate to Save fund is now offering up to £30,000 for projects exploring new ideas to improve and generate savings for Welsh public services.

Innovate to Save fund

Fabric was one of the projects funded in the first round of innovate to save. Read their story here.

A second round of bidding is currently open for the Innovate to Save Fund, a joint initiative between the Welsh Government, Nesta, Cardiff University and WCVA.

Innovate to Save supports public and third sector organisations to explore new ideas that have the potential to generate savings for Welsh public services and improve the quality and impact of service delivery.

First launched in February 2017, the programme seeks to tackle some of the most complex issues facing Welsh public services while generating cashable savings.

The model blends different kinds of finance and intensive support an non repayable research and development grants of up to £30,000 will now be available to successful applicants, with access to a £5m pool of interest free loan finance should ideas prove to be viable.

The maximum grant has been increased from £15,000 to 30,000 to support projects demonstrating significant ambition in their ideas - either pushing the boundaries of technology or developing ideas that have the potential to scale Wales-wide.

How to apply

The deadline for new applications is 16 July 2018. Visit the Innovate to Save webpage to find out more about the programme and how to apply. Applicants are very much encouraged to contact the programme ahead of the submission date to discuss their ideas.

Innovation conversations

To get people thinking differently about what's possible Y Lab are currently running a series of talks by experienced innovators to inspire and encourage organisations and individuals to be ambitious, showing real-world examples and case studies from around the world.

The free talks are taking place across Wales throughout June and July. Find out more and sign up here.