7 Jun 2018

On the WCVA blog: It’s Volunteers’ Week and Fiona Liddell, Volunteering Development Manager at WCVA, considers what makes a volunteer a superhero.


I have had the privilege once again of being involved in the judging of nominations for the Wales Volunteer of the Year. All of those nominated are heroes; how on earth do you pick out the superheroes from the heroes? 

The first thing to say is that in a sense you don't! We cannot judge the worthiness of one nominee against another. A really important point is that all have been nominated by some body. Volunteers are not permitted to nominate themselves. Somebody thinks that this person or group should be given national recognition and the fact that they have bothered to write and submit their nomination testifies to one or both of two main things: firstly the volunteer's valuable contribution and its impact on others, and secondly the inspiration that they are to others. Sometimes one of these comes across more strongly but generally speaking, both are evident... 

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