23 Apr 2018

Coworking facilitator Indycube have partnered with WCVA to add their Morfa Hall office to the growing list of coworking spaces across Wales.

Indycube rhyl opening 

Indycube is the leading coworking facilitator for freelancers and remote workers in Wales, with over 30 coworking spaces that cover not only the big cities but also rural and post-industrial communities across the country. They have a vision of a 21st century workplace where employees can work locally - saving money, time and keeping wealth in their communities.

They have now partnered with WCVA to open a brand new coworking space at the Morfa Hall office in Rhyl. The building is located on Bath Street, right next to the White Rose shopping Centre and main high street, and features showering facilities and disabled access. There's even a library within the grounds for a spot of lunchtime reading!

To book your desk, visit the Indycube website.