13 Apr 2018

The Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST) are opening their phonelines through April-May to talk to charities about their ambitions for digital, the challenges they face and their visions for their digital platforms.

CAST image 1


In 2018, CAST is focusing much of their work on small charities: those with an annual income of £1m or less, which make up 97% of the third sector. That's why they're looking for small charities to spend 30mins chatting about their hopes and dreams for digital. In exchange, CAST will provide support, expertise and connections to help them achieve their vision. 

This will also form part of their recruitment for their new Fuse for Smaller Charities accelerator programme which will be kicking off in July. This is a valuable opportunity for smaller charities to receive professional guidance on their plans for using digital to increase their impact - book your free 30min phone call on the CAST website.


CAST image 2