6 Mar 2018

On the WCVA blog: Ahead of gofod3 on Thursday Owen Wilce, Volunteering Lead at Monmouthshire County Council (MCC), explores volunteering development in public services.

Volunteering and Public Service

'Much has been written about the continued pressure Public Services in Wales are under and we are no different, however our volunteering journey starts from a different motivation.

'Like many other public service organisations MCC has a long, proud history of supporting volunteers. However in 2015 we researched and developed a clear strategic direction for volunteering in our county, which included our vision for working with our communities and key partners across sectors. This gave us as an organisation and more importantly our volunteers a collective purpose and direction, with me in post as Volunteering Lead to support development. We built our volunteering strategy and delivery programme on the Cities of Service impact volunteering principles...'

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