15 Jan 2018

You could start by reading our 5 easy ways to make your workplace more nature friendly...

There are simple, cost-effective steps that you can take to improve your work environment which will also save money, improve staff morale and contribute to sustainable development.

Going green doesn't have to be difficult, make a start using these 5 ideas:

1 - Increase the number of indoor plants and particularly focus on air scrubbers like Aloe: plants can make our workplace more calming, colourful, and improve air quality

2 - Create an interesting outdoor environment by providing food and shelter for wildlife like bird feeders, bug hotels, and pollinator friendly plants: seeing nature can decrease stress and you will also be helping to improve local biodiversity 

3 - Use venues with access to green spaces for your meetings and events: nature can spark creativity and put colleagues on neutral terms for more relaxed interactions
4 - Encourage staff to go for a walk during breaks or a picnic at lunchtime: you might be surprised to discover areas of trees or other greenery close by which you didn't know about before.
5 - Enable staff to take part in environmental volunteering or organise nature based activities for your next staff day: spending time in nature strengthens resources to cope with stress and contributes towards creativity, social cooperation, and concentration

RW Animation Still - office with plants

Want to learn more about how to make your workplace more nature friendly? Check out our resources for more tips and guidance:
- Invest in Nature Toolkits
- Nature in the Workplace Animation
- Greening Your Organisation Web-pages
- Making Space for Nature Web-pages

Contact us with any queries you might have about who to go to for specific information or how to get funding: environet@wcva.org.uk