31 Jan 2018

Environet’s ‘Investing in Nature’ guide demonstrates that there are simple, cost-effective steps you can take to do your bit for nature...

Investing In Nature (cover)

Environet's 'Investing in Nature' guide helps us look at the negative impacts that we may inadvertently be having on nature and explains the simple, practical but often over-looked actions that we can take to Help Wildlife to Thrive.

Even slight changes can have very real impacts. Using peat-free compost, putting scraps out for the birds, leaving nooks and crannies for insects will benefit nature as well as you and your volunteers.

The guide provides advice on effective actions that can be taken from the kitchen to the garden to the wider countryside, explains why these are important and the impacts they can have.

These measures will not only help nature but also save your organisation money, improve staff and volunteer morale, and contribute to healthier and vibrant communities.

This guide also explains how you can influence others and do more across your group or organisation by Including Nature in Your Environmental Policy.

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View the 'Invest in Nature' guide and our other resources here.

If you would like to know more about the guide and how to share it, or want us to promote your environmental activities and events, please get in touch by emailing environet@wcva.org.uk or tweet us @wcva_ec

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