11 Aug 2017

infoengine is a bilingual, online directory of third sector services. Its aim is to highlight the innovative and varied services that are available to people in their communities and to provide detailed, relevant information about each service so that people can make informed choices.

infoengine was established by PAVO in 2008 in partnership with Powys County Council. It was originally developed to serve the communities of Powys but has expanded to cover Ceredigion, Carmarthen, Pembrokeshire, Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Bridgend and Wrexham.

There are currently around 3,000 third sector organisations and services registered on infoengine, the largest proportion of which are from Powys reflecting that it has been operational in Powys for much longer than in other areas.

infoengine seeks to provide commissioners and delivery agencies with comprehensive information in order to be able to identify service gaps and opportunities for more efficient and effective service provision.

How does infoengine work?

infoengine is available online to anyone. It is used by agencies and front-line professionals from all sectors. It is also used by citizens within communities across Wales and outside of Wales. It allows users to search for services by subject and location (e.g. Befriending Services within a five mile radius of Haverfordwest). It also allows users to search by organisation.

infoengine invites organisations and services to register for free and update their own records and database entries in order to maintain accuracy and reliability. It is also possible to upload existing databases if and when compatibility can be achieved with infoengine architecture and data fields.

To ensure all records are up-to-date registered services are asked every four months to confirm that the information in infoengine is current and correct. If confirmation is not received in a timely manner records are removed from the directory, giving users a high level of confidence that the information provided by infoengine is reliable.

infoengine users can create an account on the site in order to create multiple 'shortlists' of services e.g. 'Mid Powys Food Banks', 'Ceredigion Mental Health Day Centres' etc. The shortlists are updated automatically as the data in infoengine is continually updated.

Shortlists can also be printed out as branded pdf directories for circumstances where it might be useful to have a hard copy directory, like in GP Surgeries, Pharmacies, or Police Stations.

Visit infoengine.cymru to register your third sector service or search the directory.