17 May 2017

After 30 years of heavy drug abuse, through will and sheer determination, Larry turned his life around and became clean. Despite his inspirational efforts, Larry claims that it was through courses and projects funded by the European Social Fund that he was able to keep on the straight and narrow.

Larry ESF

"I had abused heroin and crack cocaine for over 30 years. By the age of 48 I had found myself stuck on the revolving door that is prison and homelessness. I persistently broke the law to feed a £1,500 a week drug habit and deteriorated my health both physical and mental. The only relationships that I could maintain were co-dependant and there had long been a complete breakdown of any sort of relationship with my parents and family. I was tired of trying to survive in such an unforgiving and sometimes violent environment. I had no self-esteem; any confidence I had was chemically induced. I had no idea of what type of life I wished for only a desire and an absolute need to get out of the life I was living."

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