13 Jun 2016

A national grassroots project set up to help people in Wales get online is calling on organisations to take advantage of their huge pool of recruited digital volunteers.

Digital volunteers 3Digital Communities Wales, a Welsh Government funded project run by the Wales Co-operative Centre, has recruited more than 600 volunteers over the last nine months and is now looking to place those volunteers with organisations around Wales across public, voluntary and private sectors.  

It is estimated* that 19% of adults in Wales are still not online and there are worries that they are missing out on opportunities to save money, look for work, find information, learn new skills and access important services.

Geoff Jones, Volunteer Co-ordinator for Digital Communities Wales said:'You don't need to worry about training a digital volunteer, we will do that in partnership with WCVA.

'The digital volunteer will then be matched to a local organisation such as a library, housing association or community centre where their help is needed to support people getting online for the first time. All we ask is for you to think about the people you work with and support. Could a digital volunteer help you to help them? If so, then we would love to hear from you.'

If your organisation is interested in taking on a digital volunteer, then you can email digitalvolunteering@wales.coop or send a tweet to @DC_Wales with the hashtag #digivolunteerwales. Further information about volunteering with Digital Communities Wales is on digitalcommunities.gov.wales/volunteer/organisations.

*Official Digital Exclusion figures sourced from National Survey of Wales 2014/15