27 May 2016

Despite the nation’s sweet tooth, a lot of desserts still end up in the bin.

Just Desserts

Brits waste £570 million worth of desserts and cakes every year and with 15% of what we buy being wasted, it all adds up. Whether they are shop bought or homemade, 160,000 tonnes of cakes and desserts get binned by UK households. In addition to this, 54,000 tonnes of yoghurt and 16,000 tonnes of cream and crème fraiche are also discarded - usually because they have not been used in time.


The variations with desserts are almost endless and therefore they are a great way to make the best use of many food types.

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake
Desserts are also a useful way of giving new life to leftover and forgotten foods. It's not necessary to stand over a steaming pudding basin for hours either; many of Love Food Hate Waste's 
recipes  can be rustled up in a few minutes. There will also be ideas and top tips to reduce the amount of puddings that get binned by UK households, ensuring that all the food we buy gets it's just desserts.