Mair Stephens lrg

Mair has a long and successful history of working with and for the voluntary/3rd sector, mainly within Carmarthenshire (but not exclusively) and is currently Chairman of NFWI Wales. She has been a member of the WCVA Board for a number of years and has seen the organisation change and her skills enriched and expanded. She has been chair of a County Voluntary Council (CVC) and currently chair WCVAs Economic Inactivity Panel. As a board member she vows to champion the activities of organisations 'on the ground'.

As a County Councillor Mair sees the direct impact of the work of the sector and how policy decisions have a knock on effect.  She is an engineer by training and will always seek a path to resolve a problem and see change as a positive. She is not afraid to ask questions to satisfy herself that the direction of travel is the right one, and will look outside the box to seek a resolution to any problems both with WCVA and the sector. Mair is a Welsh speaker and looks forward to taking the sector forward to the future.